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Level 5, Technology One House, 86 Victoria Street, Wellington 6011
PO Box 12-021, Thorndon,
Wellington 6144
P: 04 473 5524 E:  enquiries@ruralwomennz.nz

Acting Chief Executive and Manager Public Sector, Government & Academic Relationships
Angela McLeod

P: (04) 473 5524
E:  angela.mcleod@ruralwomennz.nz

Projects and Events Manager (Communications)
Lisa Thompson

P: (04) 473 5524
E: lisa.thompson@ruralwomennz.nz

National Office Manager
Felicity Bunny

P: (04) 473 5524

E:  felicity.bunny@ruralwomennz.nz

Accounts Manager
Linda Tunley

P: (04) 473 5524
E: linda.tunley@ruralwomennz.nz

Assistant to the RWNZ Board and Chief Executive
Maree Myers

P: (04) 473 5524

E: maree.myers@ruralwomennz.nz