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Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is an integral part of New Zealand’s rural landscape. From our early days as the Women’s Division of the Farmer’s Union in 1925, RWNZ has become an authoritative voice on health services, education, environment and social issues in the rural sector.  

RWNZ Policy Summit Webinar Series

RWNZ held our third Policy Summit Webinar Series on Thursday, 5 August- Women in Leadership. We had some incredible international speakers discussing how to succeed as a leader, empowering women in the workplace, and their own experiences as women leaders.

Special thanks to our panelists Fiona Gower, President RWNZ; Mavis Mullins, Director, Board Member and Agribusiness owner based in Dannevirke, NZ; Amanda Ellis, former New Zealand Head of Mission and Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, based in Hawai’i and; Professor Susan Stehlik, Communication Consultant and Professor of Management Communications at NYU Stern School of Business, based in New York.

For more information on the speakers, click here.

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Lake Ohau Fire Relief Fund

The Lake Ohau area has been devastated by a scrub fire which has destroyed properties, homes and businesses.   We have activated our Adverse Events Fund and we are now calling for donations. 

All funds donated via this campaign will go directly to the Adverse Events Fund for allocation to those who apply for financial support as a result of the devastation caused by these fires. 

Donate now.

Latest: The Archives Project

Since 1925 RWNZ Members have embarked on an enormous range of work, projects, events, celebrations and competitions as they have worked to support, strengthen, encourage and grow their rural communities. The records and mementos of this work are located all over the country, having primarily resided with local Members and Branches.
RWNZ is embarking on a project to catalogue the archival materials.

Stage One of the Archives Project is to locate and list all the materials held by Members, Branches, Provincials and Regions.
So that there is some uniformity in the information gathered we have prepared an Archive and Record Collection Sheet.

Please print as many copies as you need.  There is also a template to continue Part 3 if the collection you are listing requires more than one page.

Archives and Records Collection Sheet
Listing Continuation Sheet


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