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Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is an integral part of New Zealand’s rural landscape. From our early days as the Women’s Division of the Farmer’s Union in 1925, RWNZ has become an authoritative voice on health services, education, environment and social issues in the rural sector.  

RWNZ Webinar - Ovarian Cancer, Let’s Talk

RWNZ is holding the first webinar for 2021 on Thursday, 4 March – Ovarian Cancer, Let’s Talk.

This webinar builds on the new policies our Members approved at the Annual General Meeting in November 2020.

We have some incredible women to share their experiences and support they would like in order to continue their work in building awareness of ovarian cancer. 

Our panelists are Gill Naylor, President RWNZ; Tash Crosby, founder Talk Peach, Jane Ludemann, director Cure Our Ovarian Cancer and; Pauline Blomfield, founder and Director, K9 Medical Detection NZ. 

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Latest: The Archives Project

Since 1925 RWNZ Members have embarked on an enormous range of work, projects, events, celebrations and competitions as they have worked to support, strengthen, encourage and grow their rural communities. The records and mementos of this work are located all over the country, having primarily resided with local Members and Branches.
RWNZ is embarking on a project to catalogue the archival materials.

Stage One of the Archives Project is to locate and list all the materials held by Members, Branches, Provincials and Regions.
So that there is some uniformity in the information gathered we have prepared an Archive and Record Collection Sheet.

Please print as many copies as you need.  There is also a template to continue Part 3 if the collection you are listing requires more than one page.

Archives and Records Collection Sheet
Listing Continuation Sheet


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