Wild Jewels and Education in Kenya

October 24, 2014 10:54 pm

Sisters Liza and Amy Cronhelm are the designers and owners of Wild Jewels, a stunning and unique jewellery collection featuring sterling silver, freshwater pearls, hand selected paua, Mother of Pearl and semi-precious stones. Their collection is sold internationally on 6-star cruise ships such as Regent, Seabourn, Silversea, and Oceania. You can purchase the items on their website, www.wildjewels.net, and are in select stores within New Zealand and the USA.


The stunning beauty of the Paua and Mother of Pearl shell is enhanced by the pure elegant lines of their designs. Wild Jewels designs are unique and many of their necklaces, bracelets and earrings are reversible – the irridescent beautiful paua on one side and white Mother of Pearl on the other, making it truly versatile. You feel like you are getting two pieces in one!


Raised at Port Jackson at the top of the Coromandel they had an idyllic childhood. “We were on Correspondence and our playground was the farm or the sea. We were very fortunate as the neighbours had kids the same age as us, so we were always out on the horses, the boat or on the motor bike having fun or helping on the farm,” says Amy.


Amy and Liza have quite the life. “We get to work at something we love, travel the world, meet extraordinary people and work in Northern Kenya on our educational projects,” said Liza.


With a passion for giving back, the sisters formed The Michael Cronhelm Foundation Trust (MCFT) supporting children and education in Kenya.


Liza and Amy created this New Zealand registered foundation in honour of their late brother Michael, whom they lost to cancer in 2004. Michael had been working in Kenya for four years with an archaeological field school.


To date, Liza, Amy, the Trust and volunteers have built a library, started a preschool, and are now running a primary school. Liza and Amy are the driving forces behind the ongoing educational projects in Northern Kenya and are extremely proud of what has been achieved. Since the library was opened in Ileret all the children’s grades have gone up a level. In the words of one of the students “before the books and library came to Ileret I was a foolish boy and now I am a clever boy.”


Wild Jewels sales support MCFT. Visit, www.wildjewels.net.


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