Waikato University Quad Bike Survey

November 7, 2016 11:00 pm

Rural Women New Zealand and Waikato University are working together to research how rural women view farm safety.

There have been many studies undertaken, but none specifically for women.

We encourage all women to participate in this online survey, which will then be followed up by some face-to-face interviews with women in the greater Waikato area, and the Bay of Plenty.

Rural women’s voices:

This survey is part of a larger project that aims to look at rural safety through the eyes of rural women. We would like to establish the primary concerns of rural women in regard to farm safety. What hazards loom largest for you? We know that ATV’s are problematic, as are water hazards such as ponds, streams and ditches. We cannot pretend to know the extent, severity and regularity of such problems, or of problems involving machinery, chemicals or even animals. Those with the best insights into the everyday experiences of rural women are the women themselves.

We are beginning our research with this survey of as many rural women as possible. In order to get an idea of the most common problems, the most intractable problems, and those involving the highest risks, and those that produce the most frustration. It will therefore not cover just the risks, but barriers to overcoming risks. These might be practical matters, such as access to child care, or less tangible barriers such as culture and attitudes to safety. We will undertake this phase of the project by using an online survey tool, available through the link below.

More detail about the research is available on the first page of the survey. You can click the link and if you are not happy with the survey questions, you can choose not to proceed.

The survey will remain open for the next three weeks. Responses are due by 5pm Sunday, 27 November 2016.


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