Trees on Farms Videos

January 28, 2015 10:55 pm

Southland member Ann Irving stars in a just-released video promoting tree planting on farms as part of a nationwide Trees on Farms project, which was supported by Rural Women New Zealand.

In all 68 on-farm videos have been produced, thanks to funding from the Sustainable Farming Fund. Each features passionate farmers and tree planters who share what they’ve learned from years of experience.

In her video, Ann talks about the tree planting that’s happened over 42 years on her farm at Waimatua, Southland, and the importance of planting shelter for stock and to help the growth of other tree species. “You leave a legacy when you plant trees”, says Ann, whose farm also includes an area of QEII covenanted bush.

She also talks about the wonderful Rural Women New Zealand forestry project at Castledowns, Dipton, begun by members in 1949. All profits from this far-sighted project are ploughed back into the Southland community through annual charitable donations given by the local Rural Women New Zealand branches.

Helpfully, the farm forestry videos can be viewed on the
NZ Farm Forest Association website by geographic region, or by soil or farm types – for example drystock, lifestyle, hill country, sand country, trees for soil conservation and trees for shade and shelter. The videos also cover the use of trees for timber and returns from harvesting.


If your internet connection doesn’t allow you to view the videos online, you’ll be pleased to know the NZ Farm Forestry Association will soon have available a boxed set of the DVDs. These can either be borrowed from your nearest
NZ Farm Forestry Association branch, or purchased from the organisation.

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