August 2017 Digital Technologies Submission:

  • This submission supports the transition to greater use of digital technology in education. However, the Ministry of Education needs to be aware of poor and inadequate internet connectivity in rural New Zealand. In order for rural students to have the same opportunities as urban students, they must be provided with the same educational resources and services.




September 2016 RWNZ Submission on the Review of the Telecommunications Act 2001:

  • This submission strongly supports a review of the Telecommunications Act 2001. The current regulatory framework is not supporting efficient investment in rural areas and is not achieving the Government’s aspirations for all New Zealanders to access a high‐quality and affordable broadband experience.




July 2015 MBIE ROI Blackspot Submission:

  • This submission supports the Rural Broadband Initiative 2 and Mobile Black Spots Programmes. Rural Women New Zealand advocates for a Rural Impact Assessment on the advantages of using that funding to increase cellphone and broadband coverage to rural New Zealand.