Tea Time Celebrates Rural Women 15-Sep-2014

September 15, 2014 10:54 pm

Celebrate the International Day of Rural Women one 15 October  2014 with Tea Time, an initiative launched by Associated Country Women of the World and Salt of the Earth. This initiative is to bring people together to raise funds and awareness to reduce the deprivation of women living in rural poverty.


How to get involved:

  1. Choose a place.
  2. Set the date (if outside 15 October).
  3. Make a guest list.
  4. Send invitations, like this lovely freebie!


You can send donations for ACWW to the Rural Women National Office, PO Box 12-021 Thorndon 6144.


Get in touch with national office if you’d like to receive more information, 04 473 5524. 

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