Take care on Gypsy Day

May 30, 2016 10:57 pm

Many farmers, family, staff and animals move around the country to their next farms on 1st June, hence the term “Gypsy Day.”

This is the day when new dairy contacts come into action around the country. There may be huge shifts from Island to Island or just down the road. Stock trucks, furniture removal trucks, ute and trailer-loads of gear hit the road.

These shifts can be stressful for all. Packing up houses and sheds, leaving friends behind and taking on new challenges. When young children are involved this can add to the stress, especially if farmers have no family close by or know no one in the community.

This is where organisations such as RWNZ can come in with their social support networks, giving women and families an opportunity to meet new people.

RWNZ encourages its members to welcome those moving into their areas by holding morning teas, community BBQ’s or just popping in with some goodies for the new families. It is about letting them know what is in their community, and where they can go for schools, doctors and other services.


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