Sweetree Honey near Hamilton is owned by 2013 ERWA entrant 17-Apr-2013

April 17, 2013 10:50 pm

Stephanie Lynch owns Sweetree Honey based in Horsham Downs, near Hamilton. The business involves every aspect of honey production, from caring for bees in 150 beehives, harvesting, packaging and direct selling at farmers markets, as well as through retail shops and the company website.

The bees have access to a wide range of flowering plants, and honeys from different areas are not blended with each other, meaning customers can choose a honey based on the location shown on the jar, such as Horsham Downs, Marokopa, Four Brothers Reserve and Hakarimata, with each having its own special characteristics. The company also produces bee pollen. 

You can order Sweetree Honey online and learn more about it at sweetreehoney.co.nz.

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