August 2018 Publication of director’s residential addresses on the Companies Register

August 11, 2018 4:01 am


Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) welcomes the opportunity to lodge a submission on Publication of director’s residential addresses on the Companies Register.

Our submission is informed by the results of a Member survey and personal experiences of Members.


Specific Comments

  1. RWNZ supports the introduction of a Director Identification Number.
  2. 70% of those surveyed believe that directors’ residential addresses should not be publicly available and general comments supported choice, therefore RWNZ agrees with Option 2 of the Discussion Documenti thata new DIN system allows directors to choose to have an address for service to be published in lieu of their residential address.
  3. RWNZ believe that there are no circumstances where directors’ and/or shareholders’ residential addressses should be released to those requesting, unless the request is from government departments and/or agencies. Such a request should follow the guidelines as provided by the Privacy Act and Codes1 and provide very good reasons for such a request.
  4. RWNZ believe that directors and/or shareholders should choose whether to have their residential addresses removed from historical records on the Companies Register.
  5. RWNZ believe that shareholders’ residential addresses should be treated the same as directors’ residential addresses.
  6. One comment from a Member sums up a reason why protection is needed: “I endeavour to keep my private residential address confidential. This is because some of the types of work I do exposes me and my family to the risk of being pursued by complainants. The Companies Office is the only agency that publishes my residential email address, This potentially puts me and my family at risk from unwanted contact from clients. I believe that directors should be able to keep their residential addresses confidential.”


About Rural Women New Zealand


  1. Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is a not‐for‐profit, member-based organisation that reaches into all rural communities and has an authoritative voice on rural environment, health, education, technology, business and social issues. RWNZ strives to ensure that all rural residents, workers and families have equitable access to services, inequalities are addressed by Government, and the wellbeing of rural communities is considered from the beginning of all policy and legislative development.
  2. RWNZ is affiliated to the Associated Country Women of the World and as such upholds all ACWW Resolutions and Recommendations. We also uphold United Nations, ILO and WHO conventions and outcome statements as they relate to women and rural women in particular.



Rural Women New Zealand would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you and look forward to hearing from you to this end


Yours sincerely



Penelope England

Chief Executive Officer

Rural Women New Zealand

PO Box 12-021, Wellington 6144

p 04 473 5524




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