August 2018 Accident Compensation Amendment Bill

August 11, 2018 9:55 pm


Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Accident Compensation Amendment Bill.



  1. RWNZ asks that a rural impact assessment is carried out on the Bill, to ascertain if there are any detrimental effects to NEW Zealand’s rural communities.
  2. RWNZ asks that a gender impact analysis is carried out on this Bill, particularly where the impacts on gender might intersect with challenges faced by the rural sector. Such an assessment will guide Parliament on mitigating any adverse effects that changes the ACC regime might have on rural women and girls.
  3. RWNZ supports the changes for those ordinarily resident in New Zealand, the changes to the relationship between weekly compensation and New Zealand Superannuation and the amendments to Veteran’s Support Act 2014.
  4. RWNZ provides provisional support to the annual review changing to every two years. We are concerned that two years is a long time to wait where the review leads to a positive outcome in entitlements or rehabilitation.
  5. RWNZ provides provisional support to the changes in regulation-making power in that the levy amounts relate to the actual risk and not a perceived risk of workplace accidents in each industry, we support the proposed changes.
  6. RWNZ believes that providing for certain Appeals to be heard in District Courts rather than the Accident Compensation Appeals Authority has to allow equal access for all appellants. Appellants should not be disadvantaged in accessing the appeal process by cost, distance, waiting times or any other factor. If an assurance of equal access can be given, RWNZ would also support the disestablishment of Accident Compensation Appeal Authority.


About Rural Women New Zealand

  1. Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is a not‐for‐profit, member-based organisation that reaches into all rural communities and has an authoritative voice on rural environment, health, education, technology, business and social issues. RWNZ strives to ensure that all rural residents, workers and families have equitable access to services, inequalities are addressed by Government, and the wellbeing of rural communities is considered from the beginning of all policy and legislative development.
  2. RWNZ is affiliated to the Associated Country Women of the World and as such upholds all ACWW Resolutions and Recommendations. We also uphold United Nations, ILO and WHO conventions and outcome statements as they relate to women and rural women in particular.


Rural Women New Zealand thanks the Committee for the opportunity to submit and we wish to be heard in support of our written submission.


Yours sincerely



Penelope England

Chief Executive Officer

Rural Women New Zealand

PO Box 12-021, Wellington 6144

p 04 473 5524

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