Submission: Review of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) – Ministry for the Environment (MFE)

MfE is undertaking a review to assess if changes are needed to provide stronger incentives for businesses to transition away from fossil fuels, while also supporting carbon removals (is the ETS fit for purpose?). 

In our submission we noted our belief that:

  • the existing ETS framework is not fit-for-purpose for incentivising the necessary behaviour changes required to reduce emissions. We do not consider ‘planting our way out’ as an appropriate response to be relied on;
  • the framework should consider more than the income earning potential of people or companies planting trees; and
  • there is significant potential for: loss of highly productive (for growing food) land, harm to biodiversity and damage to the natural environment on which rural communities are so reliant.

View our submission here.

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