Submission: Improving our GMO regulations for laboratory and biomedical research – Ministry for the Environment (MFE)

MfE sought feedback on proposed changes to legislation and regulations for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) used in laboratory settings and for biomedical therapies. The proposals aim to remove barriers to foster research and improve health outcomes.

RWNZ submitted that we are open to concerns from the research community that current GMO regulations are hindering research and innovation. Our view is based on the anticipated benefits to rural communities and the potential for increased involvement of women in science and agriculture within the research. 

We noted that while the proposals apply only to laboratory settings, there is no definition provided as to what a laboratory setting is and/or where these might be created and located. We asked that a description or further detail be provided to clarify what a laboratory would entail and the parameters of how and where such facilities might be situated.

View our submission here.

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