RWNZ WoolOn Creative and Fashion Event

February 7, 2017 11:00 pm

Gore designer Viv Tamblyn won the Rural Women New Zealand Supreme Award at the Rural Women New Zealand WoolOn Creative Fashion event in Alexandra on Saturday night.

Viv won the award along with the Nu Dax Streetwear Award with her entry A Touch of Copper, a five-piece 100 per cent wool ensemble.

It featured an oversized vest, bralette, high-waisted pants, an over-the-shoulder jersey and a beanie.

Tamblyn said she was “absolutely overwhelmed” and thrilled to be awarded the top placing.

Rural Women New Zealand national president Fiona Gower said the organisation was pleased to partner with the WoolOn Creative Fashion event was was part of encouraging rural women to achieve excellence.

“This partnership is a perfect fit for our commitment to growing dynamic communities. In addition, it will create a strong visual link between grassroots farming and production of quality wool fibre that excels in the world of fashion.”

Started in Alexandra 1959 as part of Fleece to Fashion, WoolOn became its own event in 2006 as part of the Alexandra Blossom Festival. The WoolOn Creative and Fashion Society Incorporated became a registered charity last year.

The event focuses on excellence in creativity and design with wool and includes an educational aspect where people can learn and become inspired by the wool fibre and its use in fashion.

Category winners:

Rural Women New Zealand Supreme Winner: Viv Tamblyn – A Touch of Copper

Alexandra New World Under-23 Emerging Designer: Kimberly Ramsey – End of the Beginning

Nu Dax Street Wear: Viv Tamblyn – A Touch of Copper

Judge Rock Handcrafted: Daphne Randle – Tyla Pearl

Orora Kiwi Packaging Felted: Heather Kerr – Just Alice

Breen Construction Collections: Daphne Randle – Patterns in Paua

Design Windows Avant Garde: Laurel Judd – Hanging Gardens

The Courthouse Special Occasion: Maureen McKenzie – Natural Beauty

Highly Commended awards:

Nu Dax Street Wear: Erana Kaa – Hine Ukaipo

Judge Rock Handcrafted: Louise Cook – Don’t Tassel Me

Orora Kiwi Packaging Felted: Lia Martinez – Metamorphosis

Design Windows Avant Garde: Debbie Leung – Viva Pompoms

The Courthouse Special Occasion: Debbie Leung – Rosy Romance


Caption: Margaret Pittaway, RWNZ Board Member (left) with Clair Higginson, WoolOn Committee Chair next to garments of previous events. Photographer: Carmen Hancock

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