RWNZ Proud Sponsors of Number 1 Stand Documentary

April 21, 2017 11:00 pm

RWNZ is the Premier Sponsor for Number 1 stand; a film about five women in a unique workplace, the shearing shed.

The shearing sports film investigates what drives women shearers to sacrifice so much personally and professionally to follow their dream to win The Golden Shears. The filmmakers follow five characters as they chase sporting glory, and delve deeper into New Zealand’s most unconventional national sport.

In New Zealand shearing competitions there is no specific women’s competition. The women compete with the men, which demonstrates that the women competitors are achieving incredible accolades in a traditionally male-dominated sport.

RWNZ will host the film premiere at the Golden Shears event in Masterton in 2018.

“RWNZ is delighted to support this documentary as we believe it will showcase the hard-working women who dedicate their skills to shearing and wool handling,” says Fiona Gower, RWNZ National President.

“For over 90 years RWNZ has been part of the rural landscape and historically many of our members were based on sheep farms or involved in wool production. We hope the story-telling will provide insight into New Zealand’s successful wool industry, and inspire current and future women shearers.”

The rural landscape is changing and women are at the forefront of these changes with our documentary following some of these new pioneers, says Jack Nicol, documentary filmmaker.

“We are immensely proud to be working with Rural Women New Zealand on this wonderful film. It feels like a natural partnership as the organisation represents the type of women we are following in our film – strong, resourceful, independent country women.”

The five women featured include:

Hazel Wood: junior shearer and dairy farmer based in Ruawai.
Catherine Mullooly: senior shearer working in Piopio and Australia.
Pagan Karauria: senior shearer and open wool handler, based in Alexandra.
Emily Welch: open level shearer and a shearing contractor and current world record holder for shearing 648 sheep in a day.

Jill Angus Burney: open level shearer and barrister based in Masterton, and former world record holder. Emily broke Jill’s record.

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