September 8, 2020 10:53 pm

Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) has published their manifesto calling for a committment to improving the health and wellbeing of rural families and enhancing the resilience  of rural communities.

“The general election season is a perfect time for us to share the challenges we see and what actions we recommend any government should take in order to empower rural communities,”  says President, Fiona Gower.

“RWNZ believes that the social, cultural, environmental and economic success of New Zealand should be reflected in rural communities and we have been voicing this to decision-makers since 1925.

“All candidates need to show a commitment to ensuring that rural communities have equal access to technology, education and health services.

“It is vital that all rural communities feel safe and secure on the roads, in their homes and around their properties and RWNZ would like to see clear action on this.

“Global influence and the environment are also included in the manifesto alongside the call to ensure that rural communities come first in policy development.

“RWNZ has always actively worked with decision-makers and ask that this year’s candidates consider our strategy for building resilient rural communities and assessing policy impacts, as part of their work in Parliament, should they be elected,” says Ms Gower.


RWNZ Public Policy Manifesto 2020-23



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