Rural Women Need Access to Midwifery Care

February 15, 2018 11:02 pm

RWNZ has responded to recent media regarding the loss of a working midwife in the Wanaka region.



Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is very concerned that Wanaka is soon to lose one of the community’s two midwives.

“Midwives practicing in rural communities have long battled the problems of geographical isolation in areas where the population continues to grow,” says Board Member and Health Portfolio Convenor, Margaret Pittaway.

“Resourcing has been lacking for so long that rural families are suffering – it is absolutely unacceptable that expectant mothers and their families have been placed in the firing line.

“This lack of resourcing and recognition for the travel costs faced by these midwives results in a work load that is unbearable.

“The Netherlands are leading the way in maternal care which RWNZ wants to see considered here.

“RWNZ urges the Government to act quickly to ensure every community can provide the maternity services needed.

“Our rural women, babies, and communities are in desperate need of support,” says Mrs Pittaway.


To find the article to which RWNZ has responded, follow this link.


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