Rural School Good Sorts Found 10-Jul-2012

July 10, 2012 10:44 pm

Rural New Zealand has voted! The five best ‘good sorts’ in rural schools from around the country have been unearthed as part of the Stafix ‘Take a Stand for Good Sorts in rural schools’ campaign.

They are school cleaner Beverley Howe from Glenham School (Southland); principal of Kopane School (Manawatu), Neal Duff; principal of Waituna West School, Glen Richardson (Manawatu); caretaker of Ohaupo School (Waikato), Scott Coley and friend of Apiti School, Jock Bielski (Manawatu).

The winning five ‘good sorts’ have each won $3,000 for their rural school to spend on a project of the school’s choice. ‘Good sorts’ were able to be nominated by members of their local school or community.
‘Take a Stand for Good Sorts in rural schools’ campaign was a result of leading electric fencing brand Stafix from Tru-Test Group seeking to find the people who are making the biggest difference to rural schools.

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