Rock Those Socks

August 3, 2011 10:05 pm

Wow!  In the first week since our launch, 100,000 people visited our aftersocks™ website and thousands of comments were posted on our aftersocks™ Facebook page, congratulating us on this wonderful fundraiser to support the Christchurch Mayoral Fund.  We increased our sock order with the NZ Sock Company in Ashburton several times over, and still we’ll be struggling to meet demand as aftersocks™ goes global.

When you get your pair of aftersocks™ don’t forget to send in photos of the awesome places you’ve worn them by for our ‘Quaking in Your aftersocks™’ photo competition.  Upload your photos and tag yourself on Facebook, to be in to win one of several photographic prize packs that have been donated by photographers across the country.  aftersocks™ can be purchased through

On a more sobering note, feedback from Christchurch is that with the ongoing earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks, stress levels are now very high leading to abuse, depression, violence and bullying.

After the September 3rd earthquake members raised $10,000 to support people affected by the earthquake.  Following the February 22 earthquake this amount swelled to $20,000 with a generous donation from the Queensland Country Women’s Association of $8469.  The South Australia Country Women’s Association International Committee also gifted $1,000 for knitting wool for garments to be sent to Christchurch.  We thank both groups for their fantastic support.  We are working through the process of how this funding will be put to best use.

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