Pukearuhe/Waitoitoi Branch 70th Birthday

April 11, 2014 10:53 pm

Our Pukearuhe/Waitoitoi branch in North Taranaki celebrated its 70th Birthday on 2nd April at the Waitoitoi Hall.

43 past and present members attended and enjoyed renewing old friendships, a lovely luncheon, a fashion show by Rhonda from our local UNeek store and entertainment from the children from Mimi School.

Pat Wells read an article she had written on the history of the branch, which bought back many memories and laughs about “the way it used to be”.

Congratulations to Charmain Hanser  and national councillor Shirley Read  who received Bars of Honour, Pat Wells an RWNZ medallion, and Rae Blyde who was presented with Life Membership.

The beautiful birthday cake, made and decorated by Charmain Hanser, was cut by special guests Nita McEldowney and Louie Herbert.


You can find a recipe for a special occasion cake such as this in our latest cookbook: A Good Baking Day, available from our website shop.  For example the book includes recipes for Celebration Mud Cake, Chocolate Wedding Cake, Christmas and Wedding cakes, Rich Christmas Cake, RSA Christmas Cake, Seven-Tin Christmas Cake and Special Occasion Date Cake.  Yum!!


Recipe for the cake pictured:

500gm  flour            350gm  butter
2kgs mixed fruit       350gm brown sugar
6 eggs                      4 Tbls golden syrup
1 large cup milk        1 tsp baking powder

Put baking powder with flour, now beat brown sugar and butter to a cream, add eggs one at a time and beat well after each, when all eggs are in add mixed fruit. Warm the milk and golden syrup and add with the flour and baking powder.  Put into a 25cm square tin, bake 4 hours at 150 oC. Scrumptious!

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