What is the portfolio hub?

The portfolio hubs enable Rural Women New Zealand to develop and initiate public policy, ensuring that the development is consistent with RWNZ strategic goals and objectives. The hub provides a framework for dealing with portfolio areas and when developing our manifesto and position statements. Each hub is led by a convenor with experience in the hubs focus areas and a representative group of members from across the country. In addition to the portfolio hub members, there are rapid response groups also comprising of members from across the country who have made a commitment to give prompt responses to questions requiring their input. 

This integrated team approach to policy development will also enable RWNZ to build a pipeline of knowledgeable and experienced members for our organisational succession planning, and equip members to engage locally, regionally, and nationally in their communities.  



Health Portfolio, Wānanga Hauora

The health hub extends to issues of well-being and health, looking through a rural and gender lens at issues of equity and access. This portfolio is a mechanism for making issues that impact rural communities visible, with a significant focus across the lifespan from maternal and child health through to older persons. This hub includes nursing and midwifery, maternal and child health, disability support, medical tests, screening, and diagnostics, homecare/ home support workers, hospice care, mental health, community services, primary care, access and travel. 










Health Portfolio Convenor: Liz Pennington

 Deputy Health Portfolio Convenor: Malvina Dick




 Business Portfolio, Wānanga Pākihi

The business hub has an overview of changes in the business sector and their likely impact on women in business and women working rurally. Keeping on top of changes and communicating these clearly to the membership is a key focus. The business hub deals with issues such as insurance, taxes, compensation, investments, running a business, new businesses, Rural Women Business Awards, legislative changes, and access.









Business Portfolio Convenor: Jenny McDonald

Deputy Business Portfolio Convenor: Claire Williamson



Education Portfolio, Wānanga Matauranga

The education hub maintains oversight of all components of the education system from early childhood through to tertiary with a strong focus on access to education for those living rurally. The hub has a role in monitoring, gathering feedback from the membership, and putting forward our perspective through a rural and gender lens. The education hub includes student health, participation, and success, school committees, teachers, and schools based rurally, student allowance, school buses, curriculum development, correspondence school, educational broadcasting, grants and bursaries, and access.










Education Portfolio Convenor: Malvina Dick

Deputy Education Portfolio Convenor: Sharron Davie-Martin



Environment and Land Use Portfolio, Wānanga Taiao, Whakamahi Whenua hoki

The environment and land use portfolio hub considers all matters and issues pertaining to land, water, and climate. This includes waste disposal, biosecurity, water and irrigation, climate, and land use. 










Environment and Land Use Portfolio Convenor: Emma Higgins

Deputy Environment and Land Use Portfolio Convenor: Claire Williamson


Technology Portfolio, Wānanga Roro Hiko

The technology portfolio hub has a focus on connectivity and the use of technology to support peoples day to day lives including business. This includes rural cell phone and broadband coverage, access to technology and copper lines. 










Technology Portfolio Convenor: Claire Williamson 




Social/Health and Safety (including Peace and Security) Portfolio, Wānanga Whakawhanaunga

The social/health and safety portfolio hub focuses on a wide range of social issues impacting people’s lives. This includes welfare, crime, public transport, broadcasting, child safety and domestic violence. 









Social/Health and Safety Portfolio Convenor: Sharron Davie-Martin

Deputy Social/Health and Safety Portfolio Convenor: Jenny McDonald



International Portfolio, Wānanga Tāwāhi

The international portfolio hub gives emphasis to the connections we have at local, regional, national, and international levels. It explores our collaboration and association with others. The international portfolio includes resales of land and sister organisations, such as ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World and CSW (Commission on the Status of Women). 










International Portfolio Convenor: Gill Naylor

Deputy International Portfolio Convenor: Sharron Davie-Martin