The Community and Social inclusion portfolio hub focuses on a wide range of social issues impacting people’s lives including access to community services, community inclusion and engagement, safety and security.

The Connectivity and Business PAAG has an overview of connectivity needs in rural areas and improving connection and connectivity to improve rural business and day to day life in rural communities.  This PAAG also considers other business issues that impact on rural communities. 

The Education PAAG maintains oversight of all components of the education system from early childhood through to tertiary with a strong focus on access to education for those living rurally and associated issues such as school transport, boarding allowances and remote learning.

The Environment and Land Use PAAG considers issues pertaining to land, water, and climate particularly in relation to the impacts on rural communities.

The Health PAAG considers issues relating to wellbeing and health, particularly in relation to issues of equity and access in rural communities. Physical and mental health issues are considered across the lifespan from maternal and child health through to older persons.

The international PAAG focusses on work we do arising from international agreements and associations. This includes work undertaken with ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) and through our involvement in the International Women’s Caucus including the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).