Photobooth Tutorial

July 15, 2013 10:50 pm

At the Y Front Up to Prostate Cancer soiree at the Rural Women New Zealand National Office, a photobooth was set up to have some fun and provide an “unplanned” activity at a very low cost.


Here’s how we did it:


    1. Props.
      • If you haven’t already signed up and started following Rural Women on Pinterest, now is the time! Pinterest is full of free printables. We have ideas available in our Events and Fundraising Inspiration board. If that doesn’t interest you, visit this website for 12 pages worth of free printables you can use at your photobooth. Tip: wooden BBQ skewers work great as a handle for the printable props.
      • Dig around in the back of your closet, go to the $2 shop or visit an op shop to find fun clothes, accessories and anything else you can think of.


    1. Create a backdrop.
      • Since this was for Y Front Up to Prostate Cancer, we used the y front and finger image with the blue background (download it here). If you want to print it cheaply, find a Warehouse Stationery if you can, or get crafty and create your own version from fabric and streamers! We used a projector and screen to get the image to display for free. The only problem – the image showed on people’s faces.


    1. Signage.


  1. Taking the photos.
    • There’s so many ways to go about doing this, but the simplest way is to assign 1-2 people to be at the photobooth at any given time to take the pictures and help out in any way.
    • For more in depth ways to set up the photobooth, have a look at our Pinterest board.


If you’re looking for just the Y Front posters, you can download a group of them in three sizes now.


We know downloading can be a bit touchy depending on your Internet speed, so if you’d like to receive the whole lot of downloads in this tutorial, contact Kiera, [email protected] or 04.473.5524.

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