Pets used as Pawns in Domestic Violence

June 4, 2012 10:41 pm

When women are considering leaving a violent relationship many think twice because of fears that their pets and other animals will be killed or tortured.

That’s according to a new study Pets as Pawns commissioned by the SPCA and Women’s Refuge, where 50% of women interviewed had witnessed animal cruelty as part of their experience of domestic violence.

Rural Women New Zealand has taken the initiative to bring together representatives from SPCA, Women’s Refuge, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, NZ Veterinary Association and Federated Farmers to discuss the report and find solutions that work for rural communities.

“When it comes to animal cruelty and family violence in a rural setting, it’s not a case of picking up the cat and packing your bags. We need to find solutions that work for rural.”
Noeline Holt, RWNZ EO


Download a PDF of the full report HERE.

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