Pet Pinups Contest 04-Jul-2012

July 4, 2012 10:44 pm

   Send us photos of your pets and be in draw to win a pet hamper and a special feature in the next issue of RWNZ Express! Competition is open to all pets – cows, mice, alpacas, dogs, rabbits, cats and sheep! 

Please note the hamper is only available in a cat or dog option. Hamper includes; a 15 kg bag of the appropriate pet food, pet toys, a copy of Two Cats One Dog Magazine and a Masterpet bed.

or post to RWNZ, PO Box 12-021, Thorndon, Wellington 6144 by the 17 August to go in the draw to win.

Pet Profile

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Breed
  4. Things I like
  5. Cool tricks I can do

We will be choosing several to go up on our Wall of Fame below and Facebook page. So keep checking back!

Winners will be announced late September and winning photos printed in the RWNZ Express magazine.

My name’s Shadow and I’m five years old. I love snuggles in the blankets at night and playing hide and seek.

I’m Max the five year old Fox Terrier cross. I like children, am an awesome guard dog and love to chase my tail.

I’m Friend the Suffolk lamb and only a couple of months old. I drink LOTS of milk and like riding on the motorbike.

My name is Piri, I am an eight month old seal point Birman. I like retrieving balls of wool from the wool basket; tossing and dragging them around the house until they are an unravelled mess. When hungry, I also like biting toes. When feeling playful, which is most of the time, I love tossing my toys around the house; hunting them down and pouncing on them, and that includes chunks of real meat!

I’m Xena the four year old Burmese cross. I like butter, cheese and purring and can pick food up with my paw and eat it. I am pretty clever and can even tip over the kitty kitchen and make food appear like magic!

 I’m Diva, a 14 week old German Shorthaired Pointer. I love showers as I dance around and around with my big floppy ears spraying water all over the place. I love running really fast into the shower so the water splashes and then I race back out and do it all over again. I try really hard to lap up the water before it disappears down the drain and stand staring in total amazement when I can’t get it all. And if anyone is in the shower, I absolutely love licking the water that runs down their legs. The first time I did it I heard a scream but now it’s just all giggles so I lick toes as well now – humans are really quite funny in the shower!

I’m Zsofi, an eight year old Irish Setter. I just love helping out around the farm – my owners call me their supervisor because I’m always around and trying to lend them a hand milking the cows, especially down in the pit. I love any spilt milk or the occasional cow poo – Yummy!!!
I also love to carry around bones and lounging on the leather sofa. I can stretch out on my back feet up in the air and snooze all day – love it!!!

I’m Ducko the duck. I love cuddling up to Bucko the lamb, nothing like a nice snuggle between friends in the springtime sun.

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