Outward Bound Scholarship Recipient, Miranda Higgins

October 25, 2013 10:52 pm

Thanks to a scholarship provided by Outward Bound for Rural Women New Zealand members, Miranda Higgins was able to attend a recent course. She shares her story with us.


Outward Bound is truly an experience of a lifetime, and one which I have wanted to participate in since teenage days. I finally got my break in October to attend the ‘Discovery’ course designed for 40+ ‘ers. We had 9 in our group and for 8 days we were challenged with sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, high ropes, tramping, swimming, reflection etc. – (I can’t divulge it all, so some secrets are held, for those who are inspired to go)! Days were long and nights short so we jammed in the maximum experience and all had an awesome time. The Outward Bound instructors and facilities are 1st class and their day to day operations super impressive.


Everyone on the course made huge efforts to get there as life is always busy, but that makes it all the sweeter when there is an amazing experience at the end. If you have thought it may be worth a look, go for it as it is a great confidence builder. It well exceeded my expectations and has refreshed my zest for the outdoors and the need to share it with my family. HUGE THANKS to Rural Women New Zealand for their assistance with a scholarship enabling me to attend OB and meet a long held dream.


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