Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Did you know:

– Ovarian Cancer kills more women than the road toll

– Our government spends $1 billion dollars a year on reducing the road toll and in most years nothing to reduce the ovarian cancer toll.

– Survival rates for ovarian cancer are half those of breast or prostate cancer.

– A smear test only detects cervical cancer which is just one of the 5 gynaecological cancers.

– Everyone needs to know what the symptoms of these 5 gynaecological cancers are.

Rural Women New Zealand passed two remits in November 2020 creating National Projects in relation to gynaecological health and wellbeing.

The first of these remits calls on us to support the work of Talk Peach and the second undertakes fundraising to enable K9MD to begin to train a dog to detect ovarian cancer.

For many women, it is when they hear the stories of our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends who are diagnosed with one of the gynaecological cancers, that sharply brings in to focus how inadequate the current levels of education, research and funding are.

What does the O is for seek to achieve?

Raise awareness, educate and empower women about the signs and symptoms of the five gynaecological cancers

– Create a platform for women to be heard, consulted and involved in decision-making relating to gynaecological cancers which is based on their experiences

– Promote research, clinical trials and early diagnosis to create better outcomes for women

Fundraising to enable K9 Medical Detection NZ to train specifically chosen dogs in order to complete research with a proof of concept, and develop a diagnostic test for the early canine detection of ovarian cancer

– To support the work of Talk Peach and Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

– Seek a commitment from government to reduce the mortality rate from gynaenological cancers

The charities we are supporting through O is for are:


Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

Supporting local ovarian cancer advocacy and awareness, and global research on a hard to treat ovarian cancer killing young wahine.

K9 Medical Detection NZ

K9MD’s mission is to improve the health of all New Zealanders by using specially trained dogs working in a controlled clinical environment to assist in the early detection of cancer


Talk Peach Gynaecological Awareness

Talk Peach informs New Zealanders on gynaecological disease and connects and supports those who are diagnosed.