Country of Study 2022/23: Aotearoa New Zealand – Know your local community


The National Board has decided on a new approach to the Country of Study this year. We will be turning our attention to the wonderful diversity of our beautiful country.  In order to better align this project with our end of year reporting, Aotearoa New Zealand – Know your local community will be our Country of Study until June 2023.  This project will also add our centennial preparations in 2025 by highlighting the changes in our rural communities since our inception in 1925. 


RWNZ already does great work in welcoming people and by studying our own backyard, Members will have the opportunities to learn more about the different cultures present in our local communities.


Here is how it will work:

  • Local members can spend time and meet with people from different cultures within their communities and provide opportunities for them to share their culture and what is important to them. This might be their language, day to day life, beliefs, customs or food.
  • Members would be asked to share what they have learned and send information to National Office where these stories and experiences will be drawn together.
  • Regular updates will be published in the Express 
  • At the conclusion of the project, all information collected will be collated into one document as a national record of the people and cultures who make up our rural communities in the 21st Century.


Your ideas and contributions are very welcome as we embrace this opportunity to find out more about the richness of our own local communities.