NZ Post Rural Delivery Changes

February 16, 2017 11:00 pm

From 1 April, there will be no letter deliveries or mail pick-ups on Saturdays for rural customers who are currently on a six day delivery, says NZ Post Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart. Mail deliveries will continue as they are now, from Monday to Friday.

Rural contractors will however continue to deliver parcels and subscription newspapers on Saturdays in areas where there is currently six day delivery.

“Letter volumes continue to fall sharply, whereas the number of parcels and other products in our network is increasing,” says Mark Stewart.

Rural Women New Zealand’s National President Fiona Gower says “The move to five-day delivery is in line with our expectations for rural delivery. However, we do have concerns that the delivery days do not decline further and are maintained at a minimum of five-day delivery.

The five-day delivery allows for rural residents in remote locations to access postal services for mail, news and medication delivery. It also serves as a connection to their community.”

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