New! Introducing Rosemary 25-Aug-2011

August 25, 2011 10:05 pm

“Hi, I’m Rosemary, on 28 July 2011 I had triplet lambs. My owners thought I was pretty clever! Farmer Anne’s friends have named my lambs Sage, Thyme and Mint. You will be surprised to see how much they have grown!

Follow me on Facebook to see what my life is like on the farm in the hill country of the Tararua District in New Zealand.”

Rosemary the Sheep is a new project designed to tell the story of what life is like in rural New Zealand.

We will follow Rosemary through lambing, weaning, docking, shearing, drenching, dipping and more. The aim is to get urban children and adults excited about what rural New Zealand has to offer and to teach everyone something new about the life of a sheep in New Zealand.

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