New Board for Rural Women New Zealand

November 15, 2016 11:00 pm

The new Board for Rural Women New Zealand has been elected. The Board supersedes the former National Council of Rural Women New Zealand under new Rules and Bylaws ratified by the RWNZ membership at National Conference in 2015.

The National President is Fiona Gower, from Region 7 who has served several terms on the National Council, including Vice President for the past year. Fiona is also a trustee for the Landcare Trust.

Margaret Pittaway from Region 1, has also been welcomed onto the Board after serving on the National Council for several years, Margaret has extensive experience as Convenor of the health portfolio.

Rachael Dean continues on as the National Finance Chair on the Board. Several new faces have joined the Board: Sue Higgins from Region 3, Penny Mudford from Region 4 and Janet Williams from Region 6.

Congratulations to all those who were elected and thank you to those who put their names forward as candidates.


Photo: left to right, Janet Williams, Penny Mudford, Fiona Gower, Rachael Dean, Sue Higgins and Margaret Pittaway.

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