Mobile Phone Coverage in Rural Areas

September 17, 2011 10:10 pm

Telecom’s CDMA network will close in July 2012, however because CDMA phones often work where GSM phones don’t, people living or working in rural areas have tended to hang on to their CDMAs.  Now they’ll have to switch, and Consumer Magazine recently tested 17 new mobiles with a focus on finding models that work well in country areas. The three best in their test for reception were the Telecom R54, Telecom R109 and Nokia 6120 Classic. The best smartphone was the Apple iPhone 4.  The phones are all compatible with XT as well as with the Vodafone and 2degrees networks.

Sue Saunders, our former national councillor, will be on tvCentral’s Central News with Katrina Mckinlay on Tuesday 20 September at 7.30pm (primetime) and 10.30pm, talking about our School Bus Safety campaign for the introduction of 20kmh active signs.

TVCentral is available to view on the UHF band and Freeview HD – please note this means you cannot tune in if you have a Sky decoder – you will need to switch this off first.

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