Meet Jules Smith, 2013 Enterprising Rural Women Award entrant 11-Apr-2013

April 11, 2013 10:49 pm

Jules Smith owns and operates WashBar Ltd.  It is based in Whangarei, and specialises in NZ made natural pet care products targeting the equine and canine market. The products evolved from a soap making hobby, when dog lovers approached Jules to make soaps for dogs with skin problems. 

Allergies in dogs primarily manifest as itchy skin, and Jules’ market research revealed a market opportunity, which led to producing her specialist soaps in commercial volumes. She now focuses on wholesale supplies to pet stores and vets and has continued to expand the range of products. Her WashBar products are sold at 349 retailers across NZ and is exporting to Australia. 

Jules’ new products include, a horse soap and natural flea repellent for dogs. She recently developed a range of spritzers for dogs to freshen their coats, producing what she believes to be the first 100% natural, alcohol-free spritzer commercially available. 

To find out more about WashBar Ltd, visit the website.

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