Meet Deborah Hambly, 2013 ERWA Entrant 09-Apr-2013

April 9, 2013 10:49 pm

Deborah runs Astronomy Adventures from Baylys Beach, Northland, where she takes people on tours of the night sky with NZ’s largest hands-on telescope open nightly to the public. 

With a passion for astronomy, Deborah arrived in NZ in 2005 with a plan of offering astronomy facilities for tourists and astronomers. Acquiring her first second-hand giant telescope and dome, she set up on her front lawn, and has since acquired five more telescopes and caters for groups of up to 40. The Skydome Observatory was fully operational by early 2006. The telescope to guest ratio is kept at no higher than 1 to 4, so visitors observe at leisure. Added to this Deborah tells stories and adds fun facts, myths and legends to the experience.

Go for a visit to Astronomy Adventures.

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