Meet Angela Payne, 2013 ERWA Entrant 09-Apr-2013

April 9, 2013 10:49 pm

Angela’s business, Agri-Lab Co-Products Ltd, is based in Waipukurau, where she has become a successful exporter of animal products, achieving consistent growth; even in the face of the world economic downturn. The business specialises in supplying ingredients for the medical, pharmaceutical and dietary supplements markets, including placenta, glands, membranes, tendons, eyes, brains, blood products and glandular. Ninety percent of the products are exported to countries such as Japan, USA, Korea, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia.

Angela has taken the business from conception through to the internationally recognised company it is today. She says her location is a significant competitive advantage in the export market of pharmaceutical and bio material with NZ being a BSE free country and having good access to freezing works, farms and essential services. 

Visit Agri-Lab Co-Products online to learn more.

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