Media Release – Suffrage Day 2023

Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is recognising Suffrage Day this year by promoting its Policy Manifesto 2023-26.

“I cannot think of a more appropriate way to celebrate 130 years of women’s suffrage in Aotearoa New Zealand than by outlining the five main policy action areas for today’s rural women,” says National President Gill Naylor.

RWNZ was founded by a group of tenacious farmers’ wives in 1925 who included mandates ”to promote social intercourse, and the study of social questions” and “to maintain a vigilant watch on all legislative measures brought before Parliament” in their aims and objectives.

Today, this important work is continued through RWNZ’s Policy Action Advisory Groups, submissions on proposed legislation and feedback on consultation documents. RWNZ supports using a rural lens and a gender lens on all policy issues to ensure equitable outcomes for all New Zealanders.

“It was not until New Zealand women won the right to vote that they could make an impact on the issues most affecting them through the electoral process,” says Mrs Naylor.

“RWNZ’s policy action areas as outlined in the Manifesto are health, rural connectivity and business, environment and land use, education, and community and social inclusion.”

The RWNZ Policy Manifesto 2023-26 can be viewed online.


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