December 8, 2021 1:22 pm

Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) welcomes the comprehensive range of recommendations in the Rural Policing Review released today by the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPA).

“RWNZ welcomes the IPA recommendations in their Rural Policing Review particularly those that support rural police officers in their roles, improvements in recruitment practice and better resource planning,” says National President Gill Naylor.

“We particularly like the recommendation that officers be a good fit for the community they are going to work in – it is really important that they understand that community, and want to become a part of it by positively contributing to it in a general sense.

“RWNZ is pleased to see a recommendation that there be better resource planning and we would like to see more police officers in rural New Zealand as part of that plan.

“An increase in the number of rural police officers will help the challenges faced by them – isolation, long distances between stations, time to travel to callouts, unreliable connectivity and being sole responders to callouts.

“More rural-based officers would alleviate these issues by being there to support their colleagues and building safer rural communities.

“Whilst we understand the need to look at police housing we would be concerned if this created uncertainty around the provision of accommodation for police officers and their families in rural New Zealand.

“All in all the IPA report is a great resource and we look forward to seeing all 41 recommendations implemented,” says Mrs. Naylor.


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