December 3, 2020 9:42 pm

Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is proud to announce the new members of its National Board which was declared at its recent Annual General Meeting.

The new Board Members are South Island Member, Emma Higgins and North Island Members, Malvina Dick and Claire Williamson.  They join our new President, Gill Naylor; National Finance Chair, Jenny McDonald and South Island Member, Sharron Davie-Martin.

“The new Board is a great mix of experience and knowledge from within RWNZ and skills from outside the organisation which is vital to us being able to continue to strengthen and support rural communities,” says Chief Executive, Liz Pennington.

“This new governance leadership team are well-equipped for the challenges facing rural communities and our organisation – after the year we have all had, continuing to have solid, innovative, connection with people in rural communities is vital.

“Our new President, Gill Naylor has been farming for most of her life, been a member since being a young mother, and has grown her governance and leadership skills in community groups that have supported her rural community and women and children across rural New Zealand.

“In saying that, RWNZ is not just about farming, it is about empowering all those who live in rural New Zealand and the challenges they face, be it in primary production, or for lifestyle, education, employment or business,” says Ms Pennington.

“Rural Women New Zealand is such a vibrant organisation and I am excited to be standing on the shoulders of those that have been empowering rural communities since 1925,” says President Gill Naylor.

“I am inspired by the knowledge and skills that our newly elected Board Members bring to the table and I am looking forward to leading the new Board and the entire organisation into the future, ” says Mrs Naylor.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Gill Naylor, please contact Angela McLeod on 04 473 5524 or 027 497 2761

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