December 17, 2020 10:28 pm

Traffic speed past rural schools needs to be the same as that for urban schools says Rural Women New Zealand.

“The latest call by Lake Rerewhakaaitu School Prinicipal Rick Whalley is the right one to keep our rural children and families safe – speed limits past rural schools should be the same as for their urban counterparts,” says RWNZ Education Convenor Malvina Dick.

“RWNZ has long held the view that speed limits past rural schools are too high because it puts our children and families at risk of serious injury or even worse, death.

“The Government’s Road to Zero Strategy is a start with an upper limit of 60kmh past rural schools, however, we said at the time this was too fast, and it is.

“We would also like to see signs on buses warning passing drivers to travel at 20km if the bus is stationary and that all rural school buses have flashing lights which are activated by the driver when the bus is slowing to drop off or pick up children.

“However, first, on behalf of our rural communities, we would like the Government to ensure that the speed limits around rural schools have an upper limit of 30-40km.

“Rural children deserve to be safe from injury or death on their way to and from school,” says Malvina Dick.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Malvina, please contact Angela McLeod on or 027 497 2761

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