Local Elections 2013 – Pam Thomlinson standing for Nelson Marlborough DHB 23-Aug-2013

August 23, 2013 10:50 pm
Pam Thomlinson, Rural Women NZ national councillor for Top of the South Island, is standing for the Nelson/Marlborough District Health Board in the forthcoming elections.

Pam, what inspired you to put your hand up for election?

Because there are a lot of issues surrounding our hospital, and around home carers’ and travel payments, as well as the retention of existing services for rural people.

Has being a Rural Women NZ member influenced your decision to stand?

Yes.  The experience and confidence that being a Rural Women NZ member and a national councillor have given me were the ‘light bulb moment’ that inspired me to put up my hand.

What do you see as the most important qualities for a District Health Board member?

Qualities would include being able to listen and take on board concerns that people have about their services, or lack of them, as well as transparency.

What are the top three health issues facing your community?

1.  Keeping hospital services in Marlborough;

2.  Retaining rural GP services in rural areas; and

3.  Ensuring that we are doing the best for our large area, keeping in mind that rural needs to have as good a service as our urban cousins.

If you could change one thing affecting your rural community during your term in office, what would it be?

Ensuring that older people in rural areas have the same access to in-home services as urban people do, and that means that travel for carers must be paid at realistic rates.

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