‘Legal highs’ Cause Concern

April 9, 2014 10:53 pm

Rural Women NZ members are concerned about the use of drugs in rural communities, as indicated by an unprecedented number of replies to our consultation on the Ministry of Health’s ‘New National Drug Policy’.  You will find our submission

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here.As well as safety concerns related to the illicit growing of marijuana in rural areas, rural communities are also being affected by teenagers’ anti-social behaviour when using ‘legal highs’.

TOUGHLOVE has issued a list of recommendations for parents of drug taking teens, saying parents don’t need to stand idly by whilst teenage children ruin their own lives and those of other family members through the use of legal highs.

It says:• Declare your home a drug free zone

• If you think your teen is using legal highs or other drugs, search the house for them

• Include your teen’s bedroom in the search

• Confiscate any legal highs, other drugs or drug-related implements you find in your house

• Don’t let things fester. Speak to your teen at an early point about what you’ve discovered

• Don’t confront in anger. It could lead to a slanging match or worse

• Set consequences for further drug use and make sure your teen understands what’s involved

• Make sure your teen understands that you still love him/her and are serious about helping

• For further advice, contact TOUGHLOVE at www.toughlove.org.nz or by dialling 0800 868 445

• Join a TOUGHLOVE Parent Support Group and learn effective and proven strategies for coping.

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