Korean Visitors 13-Aug-2012

August 13, 2012 10:46 pm

Cameras were working overtime as New Zealand’s beautiful scenery proved a hit with a group of 21 Korean women horticulturalists who visited the Waikato.

Rural Women New Zealand was asked to talk to the group, along with Dairy Women’s Network.
National councillor Shirley Read and Janet Williams of Rukuhia branch (above centre) gave a presentation, and the women were very interested to hear about Access Homehealth, our school bus safety campaign, and breast cancer advocacy.

Tony and Semi Kim from New Organisation Vision organised the educational tour, with Tony translating Shirley Read’s presentation as she spoke.

Janet Williams says, “The ladies were very moved on the school bus issue, but the Let’s Get Plastered for Breast Cancer Campaign was a challenge for Tony to translate, so his wife Semi did that one!”

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