Korean Ag Students Visit Pig Farm

December 8, 2014 10:55 pm

Twenty young Korean farming students visited Shelly Mora’s free range pig farm in the Waikato recently, to learn more about NZ agricultural production.

The visit was organised by Janet Williams of Rukuhia branch, who suggested the visit to Shelly’s farm, after Shelly entered this year’s Enterprising Rural Women Awards.

Janet says, “Over half of these young farmers were pig farmers, they knew how to pick up the piglets, and even cuddle them!”

The Koreans study at the Korean National College of Agriculture and Fishery, the equivalent to our AgITO. Tour organiser, Tony Kim, says “Most of them are working in the farm and are highly skilled, so I think this journey will be beneficial for them to have another vision in the scale of farming, exporting high quality agriculture products and learning about farm management skills, which are very different from the farming system in Korea, which is indoor farming with intensive labour input.”

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