November 2020 Submission on Primary Maternity Services Notice Review:

  • RWNZ supports the increased funding for maternity services in New Zealand and looks forward to seeing this remove stresses on pregnant women and their whānau. However, we are concerned that rural communities, families, and pregnant women will be unfairly disadvantaged in maternity care because rural wives cannot afford to continue.



June 2017 A Strategy to Prevent Suicide in New Zealand:

  • RWNZ believes that continuous efforts must be made to improve wellbeing in rural areas and acknowledges that the strategy goes some way to recognising the needs of vulnerable people and proposing initiatives for improvement in support and services.




July 2016 RWNZ Submission on NZ Health Research Strategy:

  • This submission strongly supports the development of a health research strategy to enable New Zealand to take a more cohesive and connected approach to its investment into health research.


July 2016 RWNZ Submission on Increasing Rates of Deceased Organ Donation:

  • This submission strongly supports the development of a national strategy to increase deceased organ donations in New Zealand, which we consider warrants urgent government attention and a well thought out strategic approach.



June 2015 More Effective Social Services:

  • This submission strongly supports the purpose of this inquiry to make social services more effective at improving lives and raising wellbeing. However, the Commissions’ report fails to address the real issues driving poor outcomes in rural communities which are ‘access to social services and provider sustainability’.