Fiona Gower appointed to NZ Landcare Trust

May 20, 2016 10:57 pm

NZ Landcare Trust’s Board of Trustees will see a new face at the table, as Fiona Gower takes over from Liz Evans as the representative for Rural Women New Zealand.

NZ Landcare Trust CEO Dr Nick Edgar said, “On behalf of Trust staff I’d like to welcome Fiona to the Board of Trustees. Fiona’s extensive knowledge of rural issues and her understanding of community involvement will be a real asset.”

Fiona is looking forward to the new role. “With the growing importance, emphasis and pressure on freshwater in New Zealand, organisations such as NZ Landcare Trust will play an increasingly important role in achieving positive outcomes for our land and water resources, and I am looking forward to being a part of that journey,” Fiona added.

Fiona is currently the Vice President & National Councillor for the Top of the North Island with Rural Women New Zealand and has served on their National Council since 2013.

Fiona is a graduate of the Agri-Women’s Development Trust Escalator programme and was a Kellogg’s rural leadership scholar in 2009, and also holds a diploma in wool technology from Lincoln. Currently living on a farm at Port Waikato, Fiona works as a casual farm worker when not fulfilling her community commitments and running after her school aged children.

Former Rural Women New Zealand representative Liz Evans has been an involved and proactive member of the Board. Dr Edgar said he would like to thank Liz for her considerable contribution during her tenure. “Liz took an active interest in the Trust’s activities and was very supportive of our practical ‘grass roots’ approach to sustainable land and water management.”



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