Duck Hunting Season Begins This Weekend

May 2, 2018 12:21 am

Rural Women New Zealand has released a media release regarding safe firearms practices this duck shooting season.

Please read the media release below.




The ending of one hunting season and the start of another is a timely reminder about safety with firearms says Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ).


“It is important that hunters remember the golden rules of firearms safety, especially given that the roar has finished for the most part, and duck shooting season starts this coming weekend,” says RWNZ National Finance Chair, Rachael Dean.


“Understand and follow the Arms Code, particularly the seven basic rules of firearms safety, and reinforce safe use of firearms with other users – none of us want any more hunting tragedies.


“The Arms Code has been designed to ensure safe measures and precaution when using firearms.


“Please, look after your personal health, be aware of those around you and your surroundings, and leave the celebrations until the shooting day is over and the firearms are safely locked away.


“RWNZ wants everyone to be safe when hunting and gathering so that at the end of the day rural families and communities enjoy the fruits of living off the land – that which is quintessential to rural New Zealand” says Ms Dean.




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