Easyhike Ltd is a car relocation business, primarily taking cars from one side of the Routeburn Track to the other for visitors walking the three day Great Walk. Easyhike matches outdoor-loving locals with visitors’ cars needing to be moved. The track is 32 km long and it takes five hours to drive from one end to the other around the mountains. When Easyhike relocates a car, more often than not we will be walking or running through the track to get back to where we picked the car up from. Most transport companies take people places. Easyhike takes cars to people, saving walkers considerable time, while retaining the flexibility, independence and comfort of their own car and belongings.

Contact: Bobby Mulgrew
Email: info@easyhike.co.nz
Mobile: 027 370 7019
Website: http://www.easyhike.co.nz
Address: PO Box 106 Glenorchy, NZ 9350