February 2023 Local Body Elections Inquiry Submission

February 2023 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Submission




November 2022 Independent Electoral Review Submission




April 2021 Land Transport (Drug Driving) Amendment Bill

  • RWNZ supports the introduction of drug testing for drivers under illicit substances.

April 2021 Harmful Digital Communications (Unauthorised Posting of Intimate Visual Recording) Amendment Bill

  • RWNZ supports this bill and believes that unauthorised posting of intimate visual recordings is considered under
    psychological violence and/or coercive control.

January 2021 RWNZ Increasing Sick Leave Bill

  • RWNZ made a submission on the Holidays (Extending Sick Leave) Amendment Bill, which took a balanced approach.



April 2019 Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill:

  • RWNZ supports the Government’s ban on military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles. RWNZ does not believe that semi-automatic firearms have a place on farms.

February 2019 National Disaster Resilience Strategy:

  • RWNZ has been an active supporter of disaster resilience and recovery in New Zealand’s rural communities since its inception in 1925 and is a member of the Ministry of Primary Industries’ National Adverse Events Committee. RWNZ also has its own Adverse Events Committee which distributes funds to rural families following an adverse event.



August 2018 Publication of Director’s Residential Addresses:

  • This submission supports the introduction of a Director Identification Number. RWNZ believes that there are no circumstances where director’s and/or shareholder’s residential addresses should be released to those requesting, unless from government departments and/or agencies.

November 2018 Equal Pay Amendment Bill:

  • As a member of the Pay Equity Coalition, RWNZ supports the submissions of other members of the Coalition and also that of the Coalition itself. In preparation for this bill, we carried out a survey of our members to inform decisions.



April 2017 Domestic Violence Victim’s Protection Bill:

  • RWNZ has a history of speaking out against domestic violence and welcomed the opportunity to comment on the Family Violence Law Review in 2015. In that submission, we stated that the workplace needs to be treated as a separate issue. Often in rural areas, the home is included as part of the employment package, and as a result, the home is then part of the workplace.

April 2017 Domestic Violence Victims Protection Bill Supplementary Bill:

  • RWNZ believes there should be government funding or reimbursement for employers for domestic violence paid leave. RWNZ also supports the amendment for the requirement of an employer to now “provide” information.

May 2017 Family and Whanau Violence Legislation:

  • RWNZ has a history of speaking out against domestic violence and welcomed the opportunity to comment on the Family Violence Law Review in 2015. In that submission, we stated that the definition of family violence needed to include violence to an animal. To have one’s animals threatened as a method of control is psychological abuse. In rural communities, particularly, isolated ones, this is magnified.

July 2017 Marriage (Court Consent to Marriage of Minors) Amendment Bill Submission:

  • This submission is in full support of this Bill and its intent to prevent forced marriages from occurring in New Zealand. RWNZ believes that requiring minors aged 16 and 17 to gain approval by the family court in order to marry is a necessary amendment to New Zealand’s current marriage law.



June 2016 Issues Relating to Illegal Firearms Submission:

  • This submission does not support the re-examining of gun laws. RWNZ strongly feels that the current gun laws in New Zealand are fit for purpose. However, RWNZ does think that there may be issues with a lack of enforcement of these laws and with funding for frontline policing.

August 2016 RWNZ Submission on Fire and Emergency Services Bill:

  • RWNZ strongly supports the changes in this bill. Modernisation of the law in this area is an important step towards ensuring fire services in New Zealand are funded appropriately. In rural parts of New Zealand (often located well away from mainstream services) the local fire brigade is frequently the first to arrive on the scene of traffic accidents and other medical emergencies. Rural fire‐services also provide a vital lifeline to the community.



Sept 2015 Family Violence Law Review Submission:

  • This submission supports the idea of consultation across population groups. Rural populations are more isolated from neighbours, and abusive behaviour may be less obvious.



April 2014 Health and Safety Reform Bill:

  • This submission supports New Zealand Federated Farmers and Volunteer New Zealand submissions on the Health and Safety Reform Bill to the Transport and Industrial Committee. RWNZ recommends that a Rural Impact Assessment is applied to any inquiry, legislation, regulations, statements, and policy.