Christchurch Womens Refuge Appreciates RWNZ Support

September 30, 2011 10:14 pm

We have received a warm ‘thank you’ letter from Christchurch Women’s Refuge for all the practical support from Rural Women NZ members around the country.

Donations of clothing, petrol vouchers, hand-knitted items, food and more have been sent by RWNZ groups in Glenorchy, Rakaia, Henley, Mid Canterbury, Mid East Provincial Southland, Motunui Beach, Piako Provincial, Thames Valley, Mangatoro, Tokanui, Otara, Waikawa and Tokarahi.

Christchurch Women’s Refuge says “It is lovely to be taken under the wing of an organisation like [Rural Women New Zealand], which can mobilise many women to support other women and their families at an extremely difficult time.  We are very glad to be the conduit through which you have helped so many families.”

Christchurch Women’s Refuge says rural calls for support initially increased by 40% and incidents of family violence in North Canterbury have doubled since the February earthquake.  They say this is not only because of the increased stress, but the changing demographics of Canterbury as families leave Christchurch city for outlying areas.


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